Sole SB900 Exercise Bike Review

Are you tired of going to the gym and want a fitness facility that guarantees results right at home? One of the top options to consider is the Sole SB900 Exercise Bike.

This bike has won the affection of users because of its sturdy construction and guarantee for great results. This review digs deeper into this bike’s mechanics to help you decide whether it is the right option for you.

Sole SB900 Exercise Bike: Features Review

We found this bike to be sturdily constructed and with unique features that can help you to get the targeted results faster. Here are some of the features:

Heavy 40 Pounds Flywheel

If you have ever ridden a bike, you will appreciate that the heavier the flywheel the better the ride. This is why Sole opted to use an extra heavy 40 pounds. The flywheel is also carefully fitted to provide a smooth ride and stability.

Whether you are riding Sole SB900 Exercise Bike at top speed or engaged high resistance gear, the flywheel makes it feel like it is a real bike. We found the heavy flywheel to be especially effective for heavyweight users who want to cut weight rapidly.

Adjustable seating

If you want to hit personal fitness targets, it is important to be comfortable. This bike has an adjustable seat that allows you to select the ideal sitting position for fast or slow rides.
To make your ride more comfortable, the bike also features adjustable handlebars. You can adjust them up/down or front/backward to match your preferred comfort level.

We found this adjustment impressive because the bike can be used by all family members irrespective of whether they are short or tall. The user only needs to adjust the seat and the handlebars to the comfortable level.

An LCD Display

The LCD display used on the Sole SB900 Exercise Bike is designed to help users easily measure different parameters. For example, you can easily tell how far you have cycled and speed. You can also know the number of calories burnt in order to stay on course with the fitness targets.

Whisper-quiet resistance

One impressive thing that we noted with this bike is that it allows users to select the resistance levels for their workouts. To build muscles or work out harder, you should go for high resistance. In most of the cases, users prefer starting with low resistance and increasing it as they work out.

Another thing we really liked about the bike is that the resistance is whisper quiet. This means that you can work out even inside the house without making noise to others.


The most notable benefit of using this bike is the unique construction that makes it easy to use by all family members. Other pros include:
• Attractive design.
• Compact size.
• Easy to assemble.


While this bike is indeed impressive, we found it pricey. The price is about twice or more than most indoor bikes in the market today.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

A closer look at the feedback from past users reveals that most of them are contented with the bike but indicate that it is very heavy. Out of the 31 feedbacks and reviews we found, most of them rated it 4.0 stars. Here is a sample of the feedbacks: “Great exercise bike, it is HEAVY so if you have to move it anywhere besides to the first floor and you can’t press 150 lbs. get help.”


We found the Sole SB900 Exercise Bike a uniquely designed piece of equipment aimed at delivering long-term value to users. Therefore, no matter whether you want to train indoors as an athlete or remain fit, this is one unique piece that can make your goals come true.

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