Spinning classes are becoming very popular today as people become more health conscious. The spinning exercises are considered better because people can cut weight and build muscles among other fitness goals without moving outdoors. Whether you are getting started with indoor spin training or has been cycling for some years, one thing you must get right is the spinning shoes.
As more sports shoes hit the market, people still find it hard to pick the best pieces. When selecting spinning shoes, you should factor things such as the brand, design, breathability, and quality. This review evaluates the top five indoor spinning shoes in 2019 to help you pick the best pair.

The Best Indoor Spinning Shoes to Consider

The following are the top five spinning shoes that you should consider in 2019:

Pearl Izumi Select RD IV

The Select RD IV spinning shoes by Pearl Izumi is one of the top pairs that no cyclist wants to miss. It is designed with a sturdy outsole and advanced technology that helps to reduce hot spots.

The upper section of the shoe is made from a mixture of textiles, plastic, and rubber to make it stronger and versatile. Then, the outsoles are designed using rubber, nylon, steel, plastic, and EVA. These combinations are crucial to making the shoes comfortable and firm.

If you take a closer look at the upper section, you will note that it has perforations that help with aeration and cooling the feet. They also help to reduce the accumulation of sweat so that your feet can feel fresh when cycling.

This shoe is rated 4.5 stars by users because of its comfort, effectiveness in cooling the feet, and affordability.

Giro Treble II

For people who are new to cycling, one of the best indoor spinning shoes is Treble II by Giro. The name ‘Giro’ stands out in the market because of the company’s focus on quality for all the products it releases into the market.

Giro Treble II is a unique spinning shoe designed to suit most types of pedals. The outsole of the shoes is constructed using injected nylon and carbon fiber that makes it light yet strong for you to hit every stroke with confidence.

On the inside, Giro used molded EVA insole to provide enhanced arch support. It also has Aegis anti-microbial treatment that keeps the feet free from bacterial buildup and feeling fresh even after spinning for a long period.

If you opt for this shoe, you will also enjoy its three strap system that uses hook and strap Velcro closure. This makes the shoe very easy to get on and off so that bulk of the time can be dedicated to spinning the bike.

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Pearl iZumi X-ALP Journey

If you make a brief search on mountain biking and spinning shoes, one name that features prominently is Pearl iZumi. The X-ALP Journey is one of the new additions into the company’s line of high-quality shoes.

The Pearl iZumi X-ALP Journey has a Contagrip rubber outsole that provides optimal grip when on the bike. This grip helps to avoid slipping so that every stroke on the pedal counts to help burn extra calories or build muscles.

To make the shoes more comfortable, they feature injected EVA on the midsole for optimal cushioning. But this is not all! The shoes also have Ortholite EVA foot bed for additional support and protection.

The upper section of the shoe is also carefully constructed with lightweight and abrasion resistant textiles. This means that you can spin the indoor bike faster without worrying of damage to the feet. They also feature a padded collar and tongue for additional comfort.

If you are looking forward to long sessions of spinning, the Pearl iZumi X-ALP Journey is one great option to consider.

Gavin Road

In some cases, people buying spinning shoes are interested in pieces that can be used to multi-task. If you are such a person, Gavin Road could be the best option. This is a highly versatile and comfortable cycling shoe that will also fit your budget well.

The mesh used on the upper part of the Gavin Road helps to optimize aeration of the feet. It is also helpful in wicking away perspiration to help keep your feet feeling fresh after long spinning sessions. To add to the comfort, the shoes also have a ratcheting top buckle that locks the heel into place. This means that you can work faster and harder while enjoying every spin.
Though most users are contented with the shoes, some have complained that outsole is not very strong and, therefore, not long lasting.

Venzo Mountain

When the name Venzo is mentioned, what hits the mind is its association with the slogan, “Your Life, Your Choice!” One of their products that greatly reinforce the above slogan is the Venzo Mountain spinning shoes. The shoes are designed with a small flex in the forefoot that helps make walking and spinning firm. This is crucial in helping to reduce the risk of slipping especially when spinning at top speed.

The upper part is constructed using breathable material that helps to air the foot and wick away perspiration. This means that you are sure of keeping the feet feeling fresh even when spinning for long periods. To maximize your cycling performance, the shoes are light and have a unique buckle to help keep the overall load on the legs light.

Though most of the features with this shoe are impressive, some users have complained about its durability especially when used regularly for aggressive spinning.

Tips for Selecting the Best Indoor Spinning Shoes

If you are out looking for the best indoor spinning shoes, here are some useful tips to guide you:

  • The nature of the outsole. The outsole to consider depends on the targeted type of riding. For example, versatile designs are great for multiple spinning activities.
  • Comfort. Every time that you set out looking for a pair of shoes, it is important to ensure that it fits well and you are comfortable in it.
  • Durability. When you select the spinning shoes, the goal is to get high value for money. This means it can be used for a long period without requiring you to purchase a new piece.
  • The cost. While the primary goal when buying a pair of spinning shoes should be quality, the price is equally crucial. The goal should be identifying a high-quality pair that is sold affordably.


As indoor spinning becomes more popular, you can enjoy and reach the targeted health and fitness training by having the right attire. The above five shoes are some of the best pieces that have helped users to enjoy cycling indoors and hit their fitness targets. Well, you too can also make indoor spinning your favorite sport by selecting one of them

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